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The Pagan/Secular parody of the "Keep Christ in Christmas" Car Magnet

100% of all net proceeds from the sale of these magnets are donated to the non-profit Freedom From Religion Foundation.

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The Keep Eostre in Easter car magnet measures approximately 6.25" x 7", roughly the same size of the "Keep Christ in Christmas" that this product parodies.


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100% of net proceeds from this product are donated to Freedom From Religion Foundation. A recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the constitutional principle of separation of state and church. FFRF boasts the highest "4 star" rating from Charity Navigator.

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  • I got my magnets in the mail a few days ago, and I LOVE them! They're so much cooler than the [Keep Christ in Christmas magnet]. I'm putting one on each of my vehicles. They'll look great next to my FSM decals! Thanks, Alex!.

    D.E., Utah

  • It's always encouraging to know that there are people like you taking the extra steps in the seemingly never-ending battle against dogma-based "thinking." Thank you for what you're doing. At times it's hard to tell, but I do believe the tide is slowly turning toward a more rational and truth-based approach to improving the quality of life for humans and other beings on the planet.

    M.S., California

  • Received my magnet yesterday --- I'm thrilled! ... Now I have to run out and wash my car so she has a pretty background!

    B.D., Michigan

  • I ordered 2 magnets! Keep up the good work - I look forward to other things you produce. Your site is excellent - so clear & easy to use.

    M.Y., Virginia

  • I ordered a Keep Eostre in Easter magnet and it's awesome. I love intelligent parody like this.

    E.J., Wisconsin

  • I just received my order for 3 Keep Eostre in Easter magnets and they're great! Thanks!

    I.S., Iowa

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"I think that believers get too hung up over the fact that the word "Christ" in Christmas. After all, arguably the second biggest "Christian" holiday is Easter. Easter derives its name from the Pagan god of fertility Ēostre. What do eggs and bunnies have to do with the resurrection of Christ anyway? I've heard that the egg symbolizes an open tomb, which is a bit of a stretch. But what about the rabbit? I don't know..."

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  • feature
  • Measures approximately 6.25" x 7".
  • Thick 30mil magnet vinyl, totally weatherproof.
  • Printed 100% in the USA and packaged by hand by me!
  • Ships securely in sturdy "NO-BEND" mailer via USPS with tracking number.

The Keep Eostre in Easter magnet isn't just a "magnet". It's a car magnet. Sure, it will look lovely on your fridge, but it is incredibly well made and extremely durable and ready to withstand the punishment of clinging to your vehicle throughout every season. It's made with special ink designed to withstand extreme heat/cold. Snow, rain, wind, mud, bumps? This thick well made magnet will last just about everything!

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About the Keep Eostre in Easter idea

We’ve all seen car magnets claiming to “Keep Christ in Christmas”, but I never really understood it.

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Personally, I don’t believe in Christ, but when someone comes up to me and says “Merry Christmas!”, you know what I reply with?  I say “Merry Christmas to you too!” I can’t speak for everyone, but most non-Christians I know really don’t care about the term “Merry Christmas” all that much. But with that said, I believe in tolerance, so I prefer “Happy Holidays”. This way it includes everybody, no one is left out. We all celebrate this time of year, Christians and non-christians alike. Some people some how get highly offended by this, believing that using a generic gesture of goodwill is some how diminishing “their” holiday.

I was inspired to make this magnet after getting a lot of flack from my Christian family last Christmas. I am a non-believer, but I still love dressing up in my favorite ugly sweater and setting up my Christmas tree and stockings. After discussing stocking stuffers with a family member of mine, he said “If you’re not Christian, why do you celebrate Christmas then? It’s not called Atheistmas!” CHECKMATE. I thought for a second and said “you don’t believe in Ēostre, yet you celebrate Easter. Weird huh?

Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Christ, but these  Christmas celebrations actually predate Christ by hundreds of years. Whether we call it “Christmas”, “Yule”, “Koleda” or “Saturnalia”, Winter Solstice events have been celebrated annually for centuries before Christ was even born. It’s easy to call Christmas a “christian holiday” when you only consider the name.

You don't need to believe in Yule, the Scandinavian fertility god, to enjoy the tradition of Yuletide carols and greetings. You don't need to believe in Wicca to enjoy the tradition of wreaths or decking the halls with holly. You don't need to believe in the god Saturn to enjoy the tradition of decorating a Saturnalia tree in your home. So why can’t I celebrate Christmas without believing in Christ?

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Many people chant the “Keep Christ in Christmas” rally cry as if the name signifies that the holiday belongs to them. The true spirit of the holidays is giving presents, spending time with family and listening to your cousin explain how Barack Obama is actually the Anti-Christ. Christmas is all our holiday, we can all enjoy it whether or not Christ is a part of it. Being more open to "Happy Holidays" isn't diminishing Christ's role, it's being more accepting of everybody's beliefs and being respectful to your neighbors. Christmas is more than a religious holiday, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. The name of the holiday means nothing, it’s the spirit of the holiday that makes it special.

We freethinkers can show that the holidays mean more than just their names by reminding our Christian friends and loved ones to keep Ēostre in Easter. This is “our” holiday, to signify our beloved Germanic Paganist goddess of fertility Ēostre as we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the bountiful crops with signs of fertility, eggs and rabbits.  Easter was founded on good Pagan morals; we cannot continue to whitewash and hide the true Germanic Pagan meaning. Remember, the name Ēostre is in Easter! Take a look at the Keep Eostre in Easter car magnet and proclaim the true spirit of the holidays.

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